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Microsoft wants to make software performance simpler for IT departments to manage, and it plans updates to two key systems-management products next year and in 2007 that include new technology for monitoring the health of applications.

  Microsoft Outlines Systems-Management Road Map

  Intel Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings

  Intel plans to deliver multi-core processors

  Dual-core System Introduction in Second Quarter 2005

  London Stock Exchange launches alphanumeric SEDOL in two phases

  FT Interactive Data adds FTSE European Sector Indices

  Companies need to build it into their existing security architecture

  Sprint sees mobile device security neglect

  Ameritrade warns 200,000 clients about potential data breach

  Microsoft to ship 32-bit version of Longhorn server

  SAP increases Q1 profit on strong U.S. sales

  Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, subsidiaries are among the nation’s leading services firms

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