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Microsoft wants to make software performance simpler for IT departments to manage, and it plans updates to two key systems-management products next year and in 2007 that include new technology for monitoring the health of applications.

London Stock Exchange launches alphanumeric SEDOL in two phases

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has announced a revised live date for alphanumeric SEDOL.

The implementation will now take place in two stages. The first phase is scheduled to commence shortly at which time the LSE will begin to issue the new format codes.

Customers will be able to request SEDOL codes by existing methods. The second phase will begin one week later.

In this phase, the LSE will begin to issue user names and passwords which will allow customers to request SEDOL codes via the new SEDOL Masterfile Website.

FT Interactive Data's products and services remain in a ready state to process alphanumeric SEDOL codes, based on the information provided by the LSE to date.

Subject to timely receipt of further information from the LSE, FT Interactive Data aims to issue further client advisories.

These advisories will likely supersede previously distributed information regarding initialization files with new dates and any technical changes that may be announced by the LSE.

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