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Microsoft wants to make software performance simpler for IT departments to manage, and it plans updates to two key systems-management products next year and in 2007 that include new technology for monitoring the health of applications.

Intel plans to deliver multi-core processors

Intel plans to deliver multi-core processors across all platform families including client, server and communications systems.

Dual-core Intel processors are the first step in this direction.

"Businesses face huge challenges when it comes to managing global mobile workforces, network security, mountains of complex information, and sprawling networks of communications, and computing devices.

Intel is at the forefront of developing multi-core and dual-core (a subset of multi-core) processors and technologies that help organizations enable real-time business anytime, anywhere.

Intel multi-core processor architectures will span high-end server, volume server, workstation, desktop, mobile and networking platform families.

Production of dual-core products for mobile, desktop and server platforms is underway today.

As organizations move to dual-core processor architectures, success will depend on processor capabilities, optimized platforms, operating systems and applications, as well as software licensing, business and IT strategies.

Intel has the experience, resources and commitment to help businesses successfully transition to multi-core technology."

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